6mo. Post-partum



"Before I was pregnant, I never had to exercise or be mindful of what I ate. I was naturally slim and totally naive to the changes my body would go through while growing a baby. At 30 weeks, I had already gained more than 40 pounds; which was well over the recommended 'healthy' weight gain range. I changed my diet, but it was too late. Still, Shannon monitored my nutrition and I was able to continue exercising three times per week in hopes that I could bounce back quickly post-partum. Six weeks after having my son, I went back to Shannon. She drastically overhauled my diet and significantly increased my exercise regimen. Following her strict schedule gave me the reality check I needed and I started seeing results. In just five short months, I lost over 30 pounds and felt stronger and healthier than I ever had before. Through Shannon's 'no excuses' philosophy and inspiring approach, I was able to achieve my goals and have fun doing it! I am so grateful to have her in my corner."

9mo. Pregnant