BOOTCAMP Offered some Saturdays in summer
It's time to dig down deep and find out what you are truly made of! Bootcamp will push you to your limits. This military inspired circuit workout consists of using many muscle groups at once as you push through each work station.

Looking for a fun mid-day workout and energy boost for your employees? Allow me access to your workout facility and equipment and let me take you and your staff through a 30 minute lunch time workout, leaving you energized for the rest of your work day!

CHAIR DANCE PARTIES - I do these on location as well for a fee.
This one hour private class is perfect for bachelorette, birthday, and girls night out parties. Learn sexy lap dances and hot moves to a choreographed routine. Bring up to 5 of your girlfriends, cameras, and even some champagne! Loads of fun!


This workout is fast paced and consists of 5 exercises done for

45-50 secs each with only 10-15 seconds to transition to the next exercise. 5 times through and Bam! Its over with!

Below the Belt

Get a bangin' booty in this class. Get ready to work your glutes, hamstrings and quads in this Below the Belt class. Body weight is used a lot, but also some heavy dumb bells and ball work too as we strengthen everything below your belt!


Every Hiit class is completely different. One class it may be a 

leg focus, another class maybe back and Biceps, or a full body. 
This is always interval based with high intensity cardio intervals mixed in between those heavy lifts to keep your cardio

workout on point and yet those muscle groups firing as you lift!

Core Crusher

30 mins of pure core. Wrapping from the front side to the back side, your core will feel shredded after using everything from the Bosu, TRX, Ab wheels, Slam balls to Swiss balls.


Upper body is the game in this class with a big focus on the "guns". 

Looking for lean biceps? Shredded shoulders? Toned Triceps? Then this is the format for you! Regular attendance in class will make you want to have a "Gun Show" all the time.